Sheepeze Mobile Sheep Race

The Sheepeze Mobile Sheep Race by SES

The Sheepeze in transport mode.

The Sheepeze mobile sheeprace was originally designed to cut down on work while handling our own sheep flock. Since then we have improved the design and are now manufacturing and selling to farmers in Ireland and Great Britain. The race can handle small or big flocks with the greatest of ease. Set up time for race and penning is 10 mins , race extension plus penning fit inside race when transporting. It’s unique qualities are that sheep in need of foot treatment can be seen without the use of a rollover crate and sorted into a separate pen for treatment after all sheep have gone through the race.


View from back end of set up Sheepeze.

Another unique feature of our sheep-race is that it has hidden foot baths under the floor of the race that can be exposed when needed. The shedding gate can be operated up close or at a distance of 10 feet and 20 feet by use of a telescopic arm, keeping the operator well back from sheep to allow them flow freely through the race.


View from front of set up Sheepeze.

The wheels and hitch can be removed in seconds so as not to obstruct an operator alongside the race. This race can be set up in different ways for different jobs. Another unique feature of our race is that it has adjustable sides to accommodate different size sheep. “The Sheepeze” was shown on the RTE programme, “Ear to the Ground.”

View a video of the Sheepeze on Youtube.